I am not going to be the first one to tell anyone this, but wedding days can be pretty hectic and make anyone anxious. It can be a bit nerve racking organizing the event. Organizing groomsmen, coordinating with the bridal party and parents, and of course dealing with vendors. It was made a lot easier by choosing Johnny The Greek and his company. My wife and I spoke with many entertainment companies either one on one or at two bridal expos. All of them are going to walk you through there package details and pricing, but none will truly give you the attention we received from Johnny The Greek. Johnny The Greek first met with us and explained what his company offered, walked us through potential processes and ideas we could explore. Gave us the the pricing options and explained why the prices were what they were. He was always a text or phone call away for any questions we might have and additions we were considering. Most vendors will set up and provide you with an experience, but Johnny The Greek’s company shows it’s all about the production and execution of the night that truly makes it memorable. The wedding day for us was coordinating with the florists, photographers, etc. But we never had to doing any coordinating with Johnny. You plan everything ahead of time and Johnny delivers. I don’t ever remember speaking with him about any concerns or even worrying about ceremony, cocktail hour, or reception. It just flows perfectly for him and his staff. He is there for you. He will check with you on special requests and he will advise you when certain parts of the experience will begin ie: photo montage, etc. but it all comes down to the execution. All attendees, the venue’s owner, staff, and other vendors were praising us for his performance. He will come highly recommended by many people who were there that night. I could write a book on why you should retain his services, but most people will only get so far when reading a testimonial. I will end with this. If you want great mixing and blending of music, fireworks, dancing on the clouds, photo booth, uplighting, multiple TV screens showcasing your life and present wedding night plenty of vendors offer all of that, but if you want all of that with emphasis on production, execution, and a peace of mind then choose Johnny The Greek and his staff. You will not be disappointed.